April Coffee Club: Lost Sheep Coffee

April Coffee Club: Lost Sheep Coffee

This months coffee for The Coffee Club was Lost Sheep Coffee! Each month I test a new brand or roast of coffee and reporting back with recipes, flavours and a mini review of the coffee! There are three roasts featured in this post including my all time favourite!


About Lost Sheep Coffee


"In 2011 we quit our careers working the 9-5 (although it was more like an 8-8) to spend a year backpacking across the world! When we arrived Melbourne, Australia we discovered Aussie style coffee and we knew instantly that we had to bring this style of coffee back to the UK. We didn’t realise it at the time but at that moment, Lost Sheep Coffee was born."

Read more about Lost Sheep Coffee here.


Lost Sheep Coffee is available as a nespresso pod, bean or ground and comes in numerous different roasts. I love that they never omniroast and you can select the type of coffee machine you'll e using to ensure maximum taste and quality! I found this made such a difference and it was the first time I'd happily swap my takeaway coffee for a home made coffee!



My favourite coffee throughout the month was definitely the Get to the Hopper Blend which is their house blend - it was coffee shop coffee at home and my new all-time favourite!

The tasting notes are chocolate and caramel so I had to try this in a caramel cappuccino and I never looked back - 10/10.


Breakfast Cookies


For the reel click here


This month I made microwave cookies using the coffee - they were so good and super easy to make!




22g plain flour

1/2 tsp bakin powder

10 sweetener

1/2tbsp crunchy lotus biscoff spread

35ml almond milk/coffee mixture (add in more coffee if you want a stronger taste, i used 20ml coffee and 15ml milk)




I used leftover buttercream icing but you could use cream cheese and maple syrup instead!




Handful of chopped walnuts




Mix all of the cookie ingredients together and add to a microwaveable bowl. Cook in the microwave on high for two minutes.

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