Book Review: A Tidy Ending - Joanna Cannon

Book Review: A Tidy Ending - Joanna Cannon

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Linda lives on a nice, normal street. She has a nice, normal husband and a nice, normal life.

But Linda isn’t entirely satisfied. And then the murders start… after all, the grass isn’t always greener. Especially if you’re six feet beneath it.




If you're looking for a gripping book that reads like a 9 o'clock ITV drama, this is it! That being said I actually couldn't get into this one at first, but I'm so glad I stuck to it.


It’s twisty and thrilling but I wouldn’t say it’s a thriller, it’s definitely dark and a little creepy! More psychologically thrilling, it makes you want to triple lock your doors at night just in case. The world Joanna Cannon creates throughout is so vivid and true to life, you can believe that this normal woman would be one of your neighbours.


Throughout the book, I was constantly changing my mind about who the murderer was or why they would have done what they did but I kept guessing until the very end. I could feel myself piecing together what was happening but it was like I was looking at all the right pieces but putting them in all the wrong places.


I can’t recommend this one enough!





An indulgent one today.


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