Book Review: Boys Don't Cry

Book Review: Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don’t Cry - Fiona Scarlett *

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Joe is 17, a gifted artist and a brilliant older brother to 12-year-old Finn. They live with their Ma and Da in a Dublin tower block called Bojaxhiu or 'the Jax'. It's not an easy place to be a kid, especially when your father, Frank, is the muscle for the notorious gang leader Dessie 'The Badger' Murphy. But whether it's daytrips to the beach or drawing secret sketches, Joe works hard to show Finn life beyond the battered concrete yard below their flat.

Joe is determined not to become like his Da. But when Finn falls ill, Joe finds his convictions harder to cling to. With his father now in prison, his mother submerged in her grief, and his relationships with friends and classmates crumbling, Joe has to figure out how to survive without becoming what the world around him expects him to be.


What an incredible debut! This book is amazing! It’s written in a dual narrative and follows two brothers Joe and Finn after Finn gets sick and Joe is trying to cope whilst not ending up like his dad who works for the local gang leader.

This is so moving - when Fabre sent me this they also sent a packet of tissues and you’ll definitely need them 😂 I loved the writing style of this - it’s written in a way that makes you read it in the characters Dublin accents, I was always shocked when I finished reading to hear my own again haha!
The book is relatively short but it’s the perfect length, Scarlett doesn’t waste a single word and it makes the narrative all the more powerful and poignant.
A definite recommend from me, one of my favourites for the year! 👏🏼
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[originally posted on Sep 30, 2021]
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