Book Review: It Must Be Love Caroline Khoury

Book Review: It Must Be Love Caroline Khoury

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Fourteen days together. Fifteen years apart. Their love story isn't over yet... When Abbie met Oz they were young, idealistic students from different backgrounds, but their connection was unmistakable. Then Oz went home to Istanbul and life moved on. Years later, Abbie and Oz meet again - a chance encounter that could change everything.

Despite leading very different lives, they find themselves drawn to eachother once more. But they have commitments, jobs and families that take priority - and too much time has passed... Hasn't it?


I LOVED this! I’ve been so excited (as has the whole of Bookstagram!) for Caroline’s book so I was ecstatic to have an early proof! I loved Abbie and Oz and their relationship, the way Caroline has written this love story kept me on my toes, I felt like I was experiencing it in real time with Abbie!

There are also so many beautiful settings (Paris, Italy, Istanbul, London and more!) and the research that must have gone into it is incredible! If you’ve been waiting to read this like I was, you’re not going to be disappointed!

This is out in ebook now and paperback on the 3rd of February and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s beautiful, moving and true to life, a perfect romance! 


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[originally posted Jan 19, 2021]

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