Book Review: Just Like You - Nick Hornby

Book Review: Just Like You - Nick Hornby

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Nick Hornby is one of the authors everyone seemed to know and love when I started bookstagram but I had never heard of! To be honest this happened quite a lot but I've slowly come to recognise more and more authors over the past year!

Just like You is a modern look at relationships, families and political beliefs.


Lucy married just the sort of man you might expect: a university graduate who runs his own business. Unfortunately he turned out to have serious dependency issues.

Joseph is shaking off the memory of his last date, a girl who ticked all the right boxes and also drove him up the wall.

On an average Saturday morning in a butcher's shop in North London, Lucy and Joseph meet on opposite sides of the counter. She is a teacher and mother of two, with a past she is trying to forget; he is an aspiring DJ with a wide-open future that maybe needs to start becoming more focused. Lucy and Joseph are opposites in almost all ways. Can something life-changing grow from uncommon ground?


I really enjoyed this - I’d never read anything by Nick Hornby before but I’d heard amazing things so it had a lot of hype to live up to! It covers a lot of topical themes and issues without making it feel forced or shoehorned in - it’s incredible!

I really felt for the characters - I feel like Lucy needed to stop concerning herself with everyone else’s opinions! And I really liked Joesph, he was probably my favourite character, he’s just trying to make something of himself! I will admit having taken a few month to reflect after posting my initial review on instagram I don't feel as warmly towards their relationship, I can't put my finger on it. I loved that it challenges conventional stereotypes regarding age and race (Lucy is white, older than Joseph and has children).
I did however think it showed a well balanced Brexit argument without presenting an actual opinion to the reader. It was interesting hearing the characters unfiltered opinions on it which you never get in real life without it turning into an argument!
Overall I’d recommend this as a modern look in relationships and mixing political beliefs although I didn't find it to be a page turner!


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[originally posted on Jul 12, 2021]
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