Book Review: Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love - Huma Qureshi

Book Review: Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love - Huma Qureshi

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A breathtaking collection of stories about our most intimate relationships: the misunderstandings between families, the silences between friends and the dissonance between lovers.


TPWL is a beautiful short story collection written by Huma Qureshi, the stories tell tales of love, family, trauma and heartbreak and they’re all beautiful and incredibly moving.
I wanted to savour this book but by the end I was so in love with Huma’s writing style I couldn’t put it down, if you’ve read Huma’s memoir How We Met you’ll know just how incredible her writing is and it perfectly translates into fiction!

My favourite short story was Too Much which is about a mother who’s daughter has left for a job in Spain and doesn’t get into contact with her. It was not what I was expecting but so much more, it almost read like a thriller but was full of the depth of a contemporary family drama.

I cannot recommend this book enough!


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[originally posted Jan 17, 2022]
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