Bookstagram Post Ideas

Bookstagram Post Ideas

If you're new to bookstagram or have been around for a while and looking for a little inspiration, look no further! I've been keeping track of different post ideas and inspiration for a little while now so I thought I'd put them all together a post!

This list isn't exhaustive, and there are plenty of ideas that are seasonal. I have an autumnal ideas and Christmas ideas coming up as well but this is the basics to get you going!

Read Pink Wednesday

This is a big one on bookstagram. Show off your pink books, or pink spines. Basically anything pink goes on a Wednesday.

Shelfie Sunday

Another trend that isn't just a bookstagram favourite. There are so many posts for this hashtag, making it a perfect way to reach more people!

Saturday/Sunday Stack

I'm not sure why people specifically post stacks of a weekend but I love it! It also gives you something to say in your caption, which is a minefield of it's own!

Pretty Spines/Pretty Covers

We all love a pretty cover or spine. Even the end pages or underneath the dust jacket of a hardback - if you think it's pretty, show it off!

Show us your reading spot

This is a perfect way to brin more of you and your personality into your page! Show up where you like to read!

Show your latest book buy/book mail

This doesn't mean you have to buy every new release, any new book whether you've swapped with a friend or were lucky enough to stubble upon a free little library is perfect for instagram!

Coffee and Currently Reading

This is a super easy one to recreate, you just have to show us what you're reading!

A colourful stack

All the colour in one post! The key to this is using a preset, (shameless plug - I sell mine here) by using a preset you're posts will look uniformed without having to use the same books/props/background all the time!

A one-colour stack

The opposite of the previous idea, stick all of your books of a particular colour together and take a picture! Easier said than done I know!

P.S. if you want to get your hands on this jumper click here. I sell it in my shop!

Theme your post around any important dates (Christmas, Valentines etc)

As I mentioned at the beginning I have posts coming up with ideas for Autumn and Christmas, but if you have a particular date in mind - take a picture that's on theme and job done!


Everyone loves a flatly but they are so hard, for me they are anyway! I find these the most difficult - putting together props and books and making sure they're spaced correctly, your camera angle is right, everything is in frame. Wow, I've probably just talked you out of it but they look pretty once it's finished!

I hope you've found something useful in this blog post, one top tip I will give you is to save posts you love into an inspiration folder on instagram. That way when you come to create your content you have a folder full of beautiful posts you love (taking inspiration is great but if you just copy someones posts be kind enough to mention them in the caption!)

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