Christmas Gift Guide: Home birds

Christmas Gift Guide: Home birds

I am a massive home bird - I love to get cosy in my own space. If you know someone who either loves staying in or is super house-proud I am sure you'll find something in this guide for them! I've tried to include a mixture of items but it is scent heavy. After getting a dog last year keeping the house smelling like there are no pets has been a challenge but with the products included in the guide, I have finally got there!



Made by Coopers Calm Room Spray


This smells incredible, it's made by a small business and is as calming as you'd imagine! With scents of lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, rosemary and frankincense it's just heavy enough without being too much. It's also vegan, made from natural ingredients and organic lavender. It's sure to be a hit!


Olivias Haven The Secret Library Candle


I am a huge Olivias Haven fan and have given them as gifts on numerous occasions so I am confident they will go down well on Christmas morning! I had The Secret Library candle and it was the first candle I completely finished - I loved the scent so much, it was woody yet still light. Perfect! I also have one of their limited edition candles which I am saving for spring as it's a Rhubarb scent. Cannot recommend this enough plus it's a female-owned small business which is always great to support!


Miley - Borg Fleece Clog Slipper - Natural



When I posted this on my Instagram story I had so many messages about how much you all loved it and I don't blame you. I've gone a little borg mad this season - it's so cosy and goes with everything. you really can't go wrong. These are super cute and whilst they aren't borg on the inside they're still warm - I've been wearing mine for a few weeks now. I've even seen outdoor shoes that look just like these so I'm building up the courage to wear them to the corner shop when I run out of milk working from home!


NEOM Organics - Happiness Travel Sized Candle


I am a huge NEOM fan and have their products dotted all around the house. This NEOM Organics Travel Candle is the perfect stocking filler - it's £18 (plus I have a 20% off code for you NEOM5-9k74qg - make sure to add it at checkout). This 1 wick candle has up to 20 hour's burn time and smells incredible - there are notes of Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon. It is super fresh and uplifting - perfect for beside your desk!


I also have the Perfect Nights Sleep Reed Diffuser in my bedroom and I love it - so much so that I'm thinking of investing in the Wellbeing Podin the new year!


Oxy Plants


I have two oxy plants in my house one in the living room and one in my library and they're beautiful - I have two unkillable plants as that's the only level of plant care I am capable of but they have so many to choose from and a lot of different plant points so they're perfect for both big and small gifts! A plant isn't something I'd buy for myself but I love getting them as gifts!



Peach Tie-Dye Oodie


I was kindly gifted this earlier in the year and I am obsessed with it. If you aren't familiar with them an Oodie is basically an oversized blanket/hoodie hybrid - they're one size and based on a 6XL hoody. I wear mine every morning to curl up in and read and it's so cosy - perfect now it's freezing in the morning!

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