Christmas Gift Guide: Pet Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide: Pet Gifts
Let's be honest buying your pet a gift is basically a way of buying things you want your dog to have so they're gifts for yourself. When that's the case why not go all out?! I've put together a range of gifts from treats to toys and everything in between!

Vet's Kitchen Little Stars Treats

I didn't realise how much of a minefield dog treats are when getting a puppy! Trying to find treats that Betty likes and are healthy isn't as easy as it sounds - so many are full of additives and nasties that my border collie cross does not need (excess sugar is a no go when you have as much energy as her). But these treats by Vets Kitchen are full of the good stuff and they come in small pouches so you can fit them into your bag for training on walks!


Hunger for Words Talking Pet Essentials

 Remember when you were a child and Christmas morning was spent playing with new toys? Well, think of this as the pet owner's version of that! The pet Essentials set includes six buttons to teach your pet different commands - I've had so much fun working on this with Betty - it's definitely a work in progress but it also keeps her mind engaged!

Luxury Dog Drying Bag

This has been a lifesaver lately! As the weather gets wetter and muddier having something to clean Betty on the way home from a hike or the beach is amazing! The premise of the bag is super simple and it makes you wonder why nobody thought of it before because it's genius! You lay it flat and zip it up around your dog. The microfibers clean and dry the dog and then you shake it out ready to use again! Brilliant! There's even a hole for a harness attachment for the car!


Koko Blossom Dog Bag Holder

Who said dog bags can't be stylish?! This beautiful leather pouch from Koko Blossom is as stunning as it is practical! It comes in pink or black and can be embossed with either your or your pet's initials - I have mine which are EW as it's fitting given what the pouch is used for!


A High-Value Toy

I've included this one because it was a lifesaver last year. Although I am not going to recommend any toy in particular so it's more of a tip. Last year I bought Betty a high-value toy to keep her entertained whilst we opened presents. For Betty it was a stuffed animal, she doesn't ordinarily have anything stuffed because she shreds it, true to form this toy only lasted half an hour but it was half an hour of peace without Betty getting involved in everyone's gifts! I got ours from BnM so it wasn't expensive as I knew it would be going in the bin!
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