How to Create a Cosy Reading Space Outdoors

How to Create a Cosy Reading Space Outdoors

Summer is here and with it comes the urge to be outside. I for one am not a big outdoor reader, the sun is in my eyes I can never get comfortable and there is always a distraction. But since we moved house last September and now have a garden I've been counting down the days until I can read outside. Of course, I still need to be cosy - there's nothing I enjoy more.


For me, a cosy reading space encompasses three things: somewhere comfortable to sit, a good blanket and somewhere to put my drink. I'm not asking for much (if we were talking dream reading spaces there be a lake and jetty in my garden but this isn't a manor house as my boyfriend keeps reminding me).


Let's start with somewhere to sit! I was backwards and forwards about this as garden furniture is expensive, I didn't know whether to go for a big comfy lounge unit or a table and chair set for eating outside. Thankfully Armadillo Sun came to the rescue with their indoor/outdoor beanbag chair!


I ended up going for a rattan-style table and chair set for eating/entertaining etc and now have my reading spot completely separate! I have the Indoor Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Palm Ocean (gifted) and it is so comfortable, it has just the right amount of beans so it's not too hard and not too soft, the only problem is keeping Betty (the dog) off of it! It is also okay to be left outside in all weather so I don't have to worry about bringing it in whenever there is an unexpected rain storm (most days, let's be honest).


A blanket in the summer was never something I was concerned about until last year, now I cannot be without it. Thankfully I have swapped my fluffy blanket for a hammam towel! Yes, I know it's technically a towel but they're so versatile they can be used as picnic blankets, beach coverups and of course towels but I've been using mine as a garden throw/blanket when I'm reading. I do most of my reading early in the morning so it can still be quite chilly - this is the perfect solution! I have the Animal Cloud Dancer from Koko Blossom!


The jury is still out for somewhere to put my coffee in the morning, I've been using the coffee table from my rattan set but with Betty about it's not safe but until she's a little older I don't think anything will be safe!


I'd also add good lighting or cosy fairy light lighting to this list but since I read in the daytime it hasn't been an issue for me! So in nutshell - to make a perfect outdoor reading spot make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit, you're not too hot or too cold and have somewhere safe to put any drinks. Easier said than done - I should know!

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