How to Create a Home Library

How to Create a Home Library

I'd be lying when I said I didn't consider where my books would be going when we bought a house last year, what I didn't expect is that they would get their own room! The house we ended up buying had a spare bedroom in a loft conversion, as it has windows on either side it made sense to turn it into a home studio/library/office since I work from home and take a lot of pictures (I work in Digital Marketing).


I had plans for this room before we'd even had an offer accepted so it only made sense that it was the first room we tackled. I knew I needed it to be fairly neutral but still have character and thats where my colour pallet came from.


The Paint


I ended up choosing Lick Pink 01 for the walls and Black 01 for the skirting boards, door and radiators (both paints were gifted). Pink 01 is a beautiful pale pink which is a light pink with a dusky grey base that makes it less pastel and more modern. When I told family and friends I was painting my office pink I think they thought I'd reverted back to 2005 when I had fuchsia bedroom walls! I love how the pink looks different in different lights, it's almost golden when the afternoon sun hits it and turns peachy as the sun sets! I will say it dries lighter than it goes on, there was a minute when I thought I was painting my walls the same colour as the plaster!


But without a doubt the start of the show is Black 01, a few people thought I'd gone mad when I said I was painting the woodwork black (except for my mum, who it turns out done exactly the same in the 80s except hers was with gloss she found in my grandads shed - not good look). My only regret is using the eggshell paint, it's a minor regret but I love the finish of the Matt pink so I should have stuck to it but as I said it's minor! I actually have a lot of the Black paint left over so now I'm left wondering what I can up-cycle!


The Reading Nook


Black 01 is a graphite black with blue undertones so I decided to go for a bold sofa bed in Blue to bring out the tones! Although it's a home office/library it is technically a spare room so the Jysk sofa bed was the perfect addition to give me a cosy reading spot but also for guests to use when they stay over! Plus it also matches perfectly with my Swyft Arm Chair in Model 02 - this chair is so beautiful I feel like I have to move it downstairs eventually but for now it's perfect for curling up with a good book!


The Book Shelves

As I mentioned earlier, when we viewed this house I knew my books would be perfect in this room - the house we bought didn't have any shelves or storage so I was always going to have to add my own in. Luckily my boyfriends Dad managed to build me my bespoke bookshelf from MDF. B&Q can cut the MDF panel's to size in store as well which makes life so much easier! I am obsessed with my shelves and whilst there is space for another set to be added on I think I'm going to keep it as it is and just donate some books when it's too full!

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