June Coffee Club: Mhor Coffee

June Coffee Club: Mhor Coffee

This month's coffee for The Coffee Club was Mhor Coffee! Each month I test a new brand or roast of coffee and reporting back with recipes, flavours and a mini-review of the coffee!


About Mhor Coffee


"Mhor Coffee is owned and run us, a husband and wife team, Tricia and Ian. We’re both coffee lovers living in the beautiful city of Perth, in Scotland.

For years we’ve been intrepid explorers of new coffee tastes and we love discovering new artisan coffees wherever we travel.

Locked in our home during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and unable to get our daily caffeine fix in any other way, we took to the internet to track down some of our favourite roasts sparking the idea to create a coffee marketplace and, so, Mhor Coffee was born. In our back garden. Over a couple of lattes."

Read more about Mhor Coffee here.




I tested both the medium and dark roasts and I'll be honest, I didn't notice too much of a difference between the two so if you're not a fan of heavy and bitter coffees this will be a good one for you! Because of that I didn't have a preference and enjoyed them both! As usual, I added milk and this month a vanilla cappuccino was my go-to!


Coffee and Tonic


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This month I made coffee and tonic as it was the hottest day on record in the UK and I wanted my coffee fix! It was actually really nice and the tonic made the coffee a little sweeter (not sure how that works) but I didn't need to add syrup.




Shot of espresso

Tonic water (I used a single serve fever tree can)





Mix in a glass (super easy this month).


I will say, my espresso machine gives me drinkable coffee so if you're using instant and boiling water I'd let it cool for a little before adding the tonic and ice!


Coffee Milkshake


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As it was so hot also made a coffee milkshake (the one in the reel and this recipe is using vanilla ice cream but I also tried salted caramel which was delicious!).




2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 Esspresso shot of coffee

Dash of milk (depending on how thick you like it!)

Ice cubes

Whipped cream to top




Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until combined! Top with the whipped cream!

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