March Coffee Club: Grind Coffee

March Coffee Club: Grind Coffee

Hello! Welcome to the first blog post for The Coffee Club! Each month I will be testing a new brand or roast of coffee and reporting back with recipes, flavours and a mini review of the coffee!


First up for March is the super cool Grind Coffee. You will have seen the gorgeous pink packaging over on instagram I'm sure! I definitely see their ads all the time so when they reached out and asked if I would like to try some it was a no-brainer for the first month of the club!


About Grind


"We think coffee can be a force for good. When we were forced to close our cafés during lockdown, we took Grind online. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people make better, more sustainable coffee at home."


Girnd Coffee is available as a nespresso pod, bean or ground and comes in three roasts House, Light and Decaf. I had the house blend as a ground bean and I really enjoyed it. It was a relatively light roast anyway despite there being a lighter one available. I'd be interested to try that as I couldn't imagine it being much lighter but that is my personal preference plus I put a lot of milk into it!




I definitely prefer my coffee milky. I tried this coffee as an espresso and (like all espressos) it wasn't for me but I had to try it to taste the roast, it has a light almost fruity taste to it - which is what then inspired my breakfast (recipe below).


My favourite coffee throughout the month was definitely a Hazelnut Latte, Grind really lends itself to different flavours as the roast was light so it is perfect for those us who love a flavoured latte!




For the breakfast reel click here


I made Coffee Cake overnight oats using Grind Coffee. For the recipe see below




60g oats

25ml Grind Coffee

100ml oat milk

tsp vanilla flavouring


Yoghurt Topping


80ml vanilla yoghurt

1 tsp coffee

1 tsp vanilla flavouring




Sprinkle of cinnamon

Handful of Vanilla granola (I used Vanilla and Himalayan Sea Salt Granola from KetoHana)


Overall I would defiantly purchase this coffee, it comes in a super cute pink tin which would make a perfect gift for a coffee lover and I think the flavour is quite universal, I can't imagine many people disliking it! hopefully I can get to a Grind Cafe in London soon!

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