May Coffee Club: Beanies

May Coffee Club: Beanies

This month's coffee for The Coffee Club was Beanies Coffee! Each month I test a new brand or roast of coffee and reporting back with recipes, flavours and a mini-review of the coffee! There are five flavours featured in this post!


About Beanies


"At Beanies we think life is all about flavour. So we’ve made a flavour coffee to suit every moment. Because sometimes it’s a super Sticky Toffee kinda day. And others it’s a cheeky Cherry Chocolate kinda day. You name it, we’ve got the full-on, all-out flavour to go with it."


Beanies is an instant coffee, all of their flavours are sugar-free and low in calories so they make the perfect treat!



I didn't have to add any syrups to my coffees this month! Beanies hooked me up with five different flavours to try and I have opened four of them, I know that's not in the spirit of the coffee club but it seemed wasteful to open the fifth one when I had four open jars. But it means I get a nice treat later this month!


My favourite flavour was definitely very vanilla but I also tried Double Chocolate, Caramel, and White Chocolate and Raspberry.


I still added my frothy milk and had them all as a cappuccino but I think I prefer them to be used in my breakfasts as opposed to a drink, but I've come to the realisation I prefer ground coffee as opposed to an instant so nothing personal to beanies. Plus I've gone through almost four jars so I definitely like it!


Coconut Mocha Overnight Oats


For the reel click here




120ml oat milk

1tspb Beanies double chocolate coffee

Sprinkle of cocoa powder

2 tsp desiccated coconut




A sprinkle of desiccated coconut

Tsp Skinny Food Co Chocolate Spread

Chopped banana




Mix all oat ingredients together, cover and let it set overnight in the fridge.

Melt the chocolate spread in the microwave at ten-second intervals (it just needs to be melted enough to drip over the banana). Add the chopped banana, drip the chocolate over the banana and sprinkle the coconut!


Breakfast Tiramisu


For the reel click here



Ingredients (makes two mini or one for yourself)


2x rich tea biscuits

1 vanilla Beanies espresso

80ml yoghurt

2tsp caramel Beanies (straight from the jar)

1tsp honey

Cocoa powder to dust




Mash the rich tea up in a bowl and add the espresso gradually (you won’t need it all). Split the mixture between two bowls.


Mix the yoghurt and ground caramel coffee in a bowl. Add honey if you prefer a sweeter dessert.


Split between the bowls and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Store in the refrigerator.

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