November Reading Wrap-Up

November Reading Wrap-Up

I cannot believe it is already the end of November! I've had an okay reading month and by that I mean in terms of enjoyment not quantity. I don't think you can measure how good or bad the quantity of books you read is, as how many you read depends on so many factors but I am going of on a tangent now so I'll jump into the reviews!

Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

This had been on my TBR forever and I always thought it was a classic but since it was first published in the 1900's I think that falls into a modern classic as the writing was much more accessible - modern but traditional English. I took this toIreland with me for a long weekend and I'm glad I didn't take any other books as I would have put this down and not picked it up again. I couldn't get into it but I'm glad I stuck with it asI did enjoy it more by the end but overall - it's me, not the book.

Cat Lady - Dawn O'Porter

I loved this! I am a big fan of Dawn O'Porter and was really looking forward this. I didn't race through it like some others I enjoyed this month but I took my timed savoured it and I am so glad. I loved the characters and the journey of self-acceptance they (not giving any spoilers) went through. It felt super relatable and I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who couldn't see a little piece of themselves in someone!

The Sanctuary - Emma Haughton

I really enjoyed this! I was a little hesitant after a few chapters because it was giving me nine perfect strangers vibes (which I wasn’t that into) but the only similarity is the exclusive retreat so don’t let that put you off!

I was hooked by this and at times couldn’t put it down. I did think it wrapped up quite fast and I would have liked an extra chapter giving a bit more background and explanation but I wasn’t annoyed at the ending, I just wanted more.

The Christmas Wish - Lindsey Kelk

I loved this! I was going to say if cheesy Christmas books aren’t for you you’ll also love it but since I am a big fan of cheese in a Christmas book I think this is all all round winner!

I loved the family dynamics and the slow burning romance. I’ll admit I did think it was going to get repetitive being set over numerous Christmas days (all in the same year) but it never feels like that. Lindsay Kelly’s writing is brilliant as usual, I have the entire I Jeart series to work though and I can’t wait!

Magpie - Elizabeth Day

I listened to this via borrow box (if you haven't tried it yet definitely do it's an audiobook app linked to your library so all of the books are free) and really looked it! It took me a while to get into it partly because I wasn't paying much attention but once I realised what was going I was hooked! I didn't know who to trust or believe and was gripped up until the final page. I was expecting another twist by the end but after sitting on it for a few days realise it could have made it a little farcical so I'm glad it wasn't me writing it!

This Years for You and Me - Emily Bell

I have had this ARC on my shelf for a few months and was waiting for Christmas but in hindsight it wasn't a Christmas read. It does start and end on New Years Eve but I wouldn't let that dictate when you read it. I enjoyed this though - it follows a friend living our her best friends new years resolution after she tragically passes away three weeks into the new year. It's not a sad read though I actually found it to be uplifting and a fell-good read! A good one to buy as a Christmas gift!

I Found You - Lisa Jewell

This was our book club pick for November and I had high hopes because the last Lisa Jewell books I read were The Family Upstairs and the sequel The Family Remains. Compared to those two this isn't as good but it was still enjoyable. It was another book this month with an unreliable narrator, you never know who to trust and I actually really liked piecing together the mans identity as the other characters were.

The Royal Holiday - Jasmin Guillory

I picked this up last Christmas Eve and tried to get into it over the next few days and couldn't so I made sure it was one of the first I picked up this year and I still struggled with it. I had put it down to being over Christmas reads by the time I got to it last year but I think it's just missing something. There were so many opportunities for this to be completely swoon-worthy but it wasn't and because of that I wasn't overly invested in any of the characters or their lives/relationships. It's a pass for me.

A Merry Little Meet Cute - Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone

I picked this up expecting a cute festive rom-com and it is definitely more like a festive romp! That being said if you go into it expecting it to be NSFW I think you'd really enjoy it. Definitely one for fans of Tessa Bailey if you're looking for a Christmas read!

Carrie Soto is Back - Taylor Jenkins Reid

Having loved everything I’ve read by TJR in the past I was hesistant to pick this up for some reason, maybe it’s because I kept reading about heavily tennis featured? I like tennis but I wouldn’t necessarily read a book about it… until this one! I loved this - it’s up their with my favourites by TJR! I couldn’t put this down, I was going to bed talking about who was going to win each match.

I heard TJR speak about this book live last month so I had a good idea about what it was about but I didn’t realise how much I’d love Carrie! I think she’s an amazing character and I think the social commentary regarding how we treat women in the media was spot on throughout the universe this book sits in!
Overall, pick it up if you haven’t already and don’t be put off by the tennis!

Favourite book this month: Carrie Soto is Back
Least favourite: The Royal Holiday


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