Part One: How I grew My Instagram page to 32k in twelve months

Part One: How I grew My Instagram page to 32k in twelve months

I was going to do this over on tiktok - but it just wasn't for me. I love tiktok but I think I'd prefer if it was written down to reference back to. I'm not sure yet how many post this will take but I'm going to try and keep them short but full of information.

I'm starting at the beginning and will go through my steps chronologically. so to begin -planning is key!

Plan your Posts

Planning is key. I like to know what I'm posting and when about two weeks in advance. This is just how my brain works and is absolutely not essential. I keep them all in a spreadsheet. This way, whenever I have an idea maybe it's for Read Pink Wednesday or Shelfie Sunday I add it into that week. I also like to take my review pictures before I read the book - especially if it's a paperback - so the covers are in perfect condition and not half open (if you know, you know) so this allows me to plan ahead and have the images ready and waiting for when I start to read the book.

Take Your Posts in Bulk

If you're reading this I assume you already have an instagram page and take your own images. When I first started my account I would take a picture and then post it. It was mid lockdown and I had plenty of time to decide what I wanted to post, take the picture, write the caption and then engage with the post. Now I work, and life is a little busier I could never do that.

So I take my images in bulk either after work (thank you British Summer Time) or of a weekend. My house ends up looking like a hurricane has ripped through a library but I get my posts.

Use a Scheduler

I love a scheduler, if you haven't already turn your account into a creator account. It's free and allows you to keep track of your insights and it will then connect to an instagram scheduler!

For my bookstagram I use Tailwind, however, in work I use Later (I work as a Digital Marketing Assistant) they both have their pros and cons and I'll go into them a little more in a separate post or this will end up ridiculously long.


If you've been doing a little bit of research about growing your account you will be sick of this word but it's so important. Whether you post twice a day like me or twice a week, make sure you stick to it. Instagram loves this and your followers will start to expect a post from you at 7am on a Wednesday if that's when you post. This is where the scheduler comes in!

Every Sunday night I sit and schedule all of my posts for the week, add in captions and hashtags and then Tailwind sends me a notification when it's time to post. It takes the stress and worry out of wondering when to post or what to post!

That is the end of part one - I hope there's something in this that will help you. One main tip I'm going to leave here is this:

Do not store your instagram posts and captions as a draft on instagram. I've learnt the hard way they can just disappear! (I have a free tailwind hack for you coming soon so you don't have to pay for it)

[originally posted on Sep 23, 2021]

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