Reading Round-up: September

Reading Round-up: September

A super later September round-up for you! I read some amazing books this month and quite a mixed bag of genres and styles so I'm sure there'll be something for everyone. I mention at the end of the post that my favourite was I'm Glad my Mom Died and I'm mentioning it here as well because you might not make it to the end and it should be the top of your TBR!


Something Wilder - Christina Lauren


I am a huge Christina Lauren fan so I was really excited to read this but unfortunately, it fell flat for me. The previous books of theirs I've read tend to focus on the relationships between characters first and foremost with the plot coming in second but this book was very much about treasure-hunting in the wild west with the relationships coming in second.


There was too much stuff going on with a lot of little sub-plots and not enough of the second-chance romance, which is what i=I assume we all read Christina Lauren for. I wouldn't rush to read this.


Josh and Hazels Guide to Not Dating - Christina Lauren


Now, this is exactly what I wanted from Christina Lauren. It followed two old friends who met briefly in college as they re-meet as adults. Circumstances throw them together and they start setting each other up on double dates. you know where this is heading but it's a really fun, flirty book. Definitely recommend it.


Hook, Line and Sinker - Tessa Bailey


Tessa Bailey is a booktok favourite so I was a little disappointed with It Happened One Summer, however, I loved this one! This is the second in the series and follows pipers sister Hannah. I thought there was way more to this and the characters were more complex and likeable than the first one. I think I read this in a day - it was an easy, enjoyable read. Definitely recommended for when you're in a reading slump!


There's Been a Little Incident - Alice Ryan


I love Irish fiction and this did not disappoint. It was funny and nuanced with absolutely gorgeous writing. The book explores family dynamics and relationships in such a readable way - I loved it. There are a lot of characters in this which I can sometimes find a little overbearing, with too many plots but I really enjoyed getting to know them all and seeing how they each reacted to individual situations.


I can't recommend this one enough!


The Shadow Friend - Alex North


I was so excited about this as I loved The Whisper Man, (you know when you still think of a book months later? That was the Whisper Man) but because of that, this fell a little flat for me. It was still good, gripping, pacey - everything you want in a thriller but it just wasn't as good as his debut. That being said I am still keen to read his third book which is out next year!


Maybe in Another Life - Taylor Jenkins Reid


I love TJR and have been slowly working my way through her back catalogue, I listened to this as an audiobook and it was a little off-putting as the chapters switch between two alternative universes for the same set of characters, so I think I would have preferred to read the physical book. But I still enjoyed it, it just wasn't my favourite of hers - I think there's a reason she has had so much success since Evelyn Hugo because her later books are in another league! Still one to pick up (plus the cover is gorgeous!)


Beartown - Fredrik Backman


This has been on my TBR forever and I know how many people love it so it was one of my first autumnal reads and I enjoyed it! I will say the ‘incident’ didn’t happen until 200 pages in and the first half of the book is setting the scene and the relationships within the town. If the writing wasn’t so beautiful I would have DNF'ed but I really enjoyed the writing style so it kept me going.


There are some big issues tackled within this book and I think they’re handled really well, I actually thought it was going to handle a completely different issue from the way it was set up.

This is the first of three books and I’d definitely look to read the others but I know a lot say this is the best one!


The Idea of You - Robinne Lee


I don’t think it lived up to all of the hype, the first half I wasn’t that invested and found it a little prescriptive but something clicked about halfway and I couldn’t put it down! I loved the main character Solene and how she went after what she wanted and found the ending realistic and fulfilling. As I am writing this review I realise I didn’t get on with it at first because I thought it was a Christina Lauren style romcom but it’s not, it’s not even remotely like that but I enjoyed it all the same!


Before the Coffee Gets Cold - Toshikazu Kawaguchi


This has been in my TBR for exactly two years so I had to read it this autumn (it’s not particularly autumnal but it does have a cosy feel). The book is split into four parts, almost like four acts of a play and the cafe staff recur throughout all parts with the customers changing for each. The premise of the book is that you can travel through time by sitting in a particular chair but you have to drink your coffee before it gets cold or you can’t return to the present (hence the name of the book).


I really enjoyed this, it was an easy read which surprised me as it’s translated fiction which I usually struggle with. I particularly liked how heavier topics were dealt with without it feeling overbearing on the reader. This book is really hyped on bookstagram and I can see why, but it didn’t live up to it for me, whilst I still enjoyed it I’m not rushing to pick up the second book just yet!


I'm Glad my Mom Died - Jeanette McCurdy


This was my favourite read of September. I'm sure most people in the book community have heard about this by now as it was given so much press in the run-up to its release. I love inside looks at Hollywood and the politics behind it but this was so much more - it was in-depth, insightful, funny and yet heartbreaking. I've seen so many people refer to it as an essential read and it couldn't be any more true! If you read any of the books mentioned here, make it this one!

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