Reading Roundup: August

Reading Roundup: August

Happy September! Todays post will be my reading round up for August, I managed eleven books this month (three were audiobooks) which is actually a few less than I've been averaging in recent months but it was summer I had busy weekends so I'm not mad. I never set a goal or target of books I want to read each month as I think it takes the fun out of it but I will be setting a September TBR as for the last week I haven't been able to decide what to read as I've been so overwhelmed with options (a great problem to have I know!)


So, on to the reviews (in no particular order)


Mad About You - Mhairi McFarlane


I've had this on my shelf for a while and picked it up to take on a flight to Ireland as I wanted a paperback that would fit into my book sleeve. I've read two other Mhairi McFarlane books this year so I knew I'd enjoy it and only have to take one book with me (mood reader problems). And I did really enjoyed it! I've found that whilst McFarlane's books do have romance in them, tend to focus on the bigger picture and self discovery of the main protagonist and this does not disappoint. My only bugbear is I wanted more of the relationship at the end, an extra epilogue maybe but I have said this for at least five books this summer so I think it's just my taste!


Sorry I Missed You - Lorraine Brown


This was a brilliant will-they/won't-they romance about two neighbours Rebecca and Jack. Although they live next door to each other their lives couldn't be further apart - but they say opposites attract don't they?


This is such a lovely, slow burn romance. You spend a lot of the book getting to know the respective characters and watch as the two neighbours orbit around each other always coming close but not quite close enough. I loved it and found myself counting down the hours until I could pick it up again! I'd definitely recommend,


Nine Perfect Strangers - Laine Moriarty


I listened to this as an audiobook and I wasn't blown away. I enjoyed it but I wasn't completely invested, this is my second Laine Moriarty book and I felt a similar way about the other one as well. The book is a slow burn about nine strangers at a health resort which seems like a cult. I had really high hopes but it didn't live up to them unfortunately. I did go to watch the TV show after reading this and lasted one episode so I don't think it's for me.


The Very Nice Box - Laura Blackett & Eve Gleichman


I had this on my shelf and kept putting off picking it up as the back of the book described it as a 'thriller, romance and perfect coming of age story' so for me that seemed like it was trying to do too much at once. But I can say it actually worked! There was romance in it but the suspense is what carries the narrative - I did guess the main plot points throughout but never 100%. I'd recommend this if you don't know what mood you're in as it got it all!


House Swap - Olivia Beirne


I got this on offer for £2 and what a bargain! This was such a feel good heartwarming book about a set of twin sisters who have grown apart, one is living a not-so-glamorous life in London and the other is still living in their childhood cottage in wales. Both are keeping secrets from each other without realising, will they realise they’re both in the same boat?


I ended up crying by the end of this book, and it’s very rare that happens so I can’t really give it higher praise than that! That being said it’s not a sad book, it’s actually a really wholesome, book about family love and the complexities it brings! I definitely recommend this one!


People Person - Candice Carty Williams


I listened to the audiobook for this and I am so glad I did. The narrator really brought the characters to life - it felt like listening to a one woman play - it was brilliant. I read and loved Queenie in 2020 so I had high hopes for this and it didn't disappoint. Candice Carty Williams is now an auto-buy author for me!


Baby Love - Jacqueline Wilson


This was our August book club pick and I’ll be honest, I was not on board, but we take a vote and it won so I ordered it... and it’s a good YA book.


I thought I’d never read a JW book before (my mum corrected me and said I’d read them all) so I had no idea what to expect except from a few episode of Tracey Beaker! This is a good book, but not one I was overly keen on. I wouldn’t suggest it to a friend but I would suggest it to a JW fan or a teenager… or someone who wants a gorgeous cover for their collection because it is beautiful.


Counterfeit - Kirstin Chen


This was a meh book for me. It's a Reece book pick and I can tell why - its female focused and has plenty of representation. But for me it dragged a little in parts. The bulk of the story is told by the main character to a detective so there is a lot of he said/she said which was a little strange to read. It wasn't a bad book by any stretch of the imagination, and I hope Reece turns it into a film because it think it'd work really well but it wasn't a favourite.


Before I Do - Sophie Cousens


I am huge Sophie Cousens fan so I was thrilled to have a proof copy of this and picked it up as soon as it arrived! If you've read anything by Sophie before you'll know they're completely binge-able and you won't want to put it down. This book follows Audrey as she is about to get married, only her sister-in-law-to-be brings Audreys 'One that got away' as her plus one. Audrey must decide if she believes in fate and if she should be getting married at all.


It's brilliant, heartwarming and I loved it. It's really smart and intricately woven together - what more can you ask for from a will they won't they? I was also wrong about the ending which really threw me - definitely one to pick up asap!


All Good People Here - Ashley Flowers


I’ve been wanting to shout about this book ever since I finished it! It’s so good! It’s a suspense thriller set in a small town in America where little girls are being murdered but there seems to be no connection. A journalist returns to town to live with her uncle who isn’t well and begins to unravel a web of lies spanning 20 years. I was hooked, it’s set in dual time (then and now) and I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I had a LOT of theories and they were all wrong, this reads like a Netflix documentary it was so life-like. I can’t recommend it enough!


Single Bald Female - Laura Price


This was one of the best audiobooks I've ever listened to. I loved the narration but more so the plot and characters. Jessica Jackson has hit all her personal milestones for turning thirty – the career, the loving boyfriend and a cosy London flat they share with their cat. But a shock diagnosis of breast cancer turns Jess’s world upside down, and her contented life implodes with it.


I loved how raw and honest this was whilst still being uplifting and positive. It really focused on the friends and relationships of the main character and it was wonderful. I cannot recommend this one enough - beg, borrow or steal this, I'll be adding the physical copy to my collection!

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