Reading Roundup: July

Reading Roundup: July

I managed thirteen books in July! Two were audiobooks and therefore I was listening to them as I did chores and walked the dog, and one I technically didn't finish but I gave it so much of my time and energy I'm counting it anyway! I've done mini-reviews for them all below but there will be a few that get their own post later in the month!


When We Were Young - Richard Roper


This was my first ever book that centred around male friendships - it's not a topic I generally look for but it sounded good and it was supposed to be funny so I gave it a go - I am so glad I did! It was funny and heartwarming and shocking all at the same time! I even shed a tear towards the end - this is an ideal one to give as a gift because I'd struggle to name anyone who wouldn't like it!


Good Girl Complex - Elle Kennedy


A lighthearted easy summer rom-com. I enjoyed this - I couldn't put it down in parts and read in the garden until I'd finished. But now a few weeks later I can't remember what it was about it I loved, I will be reading the second one in the series though as I enjoy flying through books like this when I need a break from heavier reading!


Seven Days in June - Tia Williams


I laughed out loud whilst reading this! I loved Tia Williams's writing style - it was so vivid and cinematic that I could see the scene playing out in front of me. There is romance in this book but for me, I think it was more about fixing yourself first and finding love second. I loved that centred around a strong female lead and her teenage daughter and I also loved how there was no immature drama or miscommunication between characters - when they had problems they discussed them. Overall, it's a brilliant book!


Last Time We Met - Emily Houghton


If I could have read this in a day I would have but I didn't start it until the afternoon. This proof copy arrived on Saturday and I'd finished it by Monday morning. I loved it, as I did Emily Houghton's debut Before We Met. Her writing style is easy to read and will have you gripped from the very first page. The book follows old school friends who have grown apart but clearly are in love with each other - when Finn returns from LA he's thrown into Eleanor's life again - Will they realise their feelings for one another?


The Wedding Crasher - Abigail Mann


I love Abigail Mann and I knew going into this that I would enjoy it. If you've ever read and enjoyed any of Abigail's other books this will definitely be one for you! It sits between funny and romantic and was just a joy to read. The main character Poppy really comes into her own by the end of the book, I don't want to give too much away but it was another book this month that centred around friendship and strong females - definitely recommend it!


The Holiday - T.M. Logan


I listened to this as an audiobook and I am not exaggerating when I say nothing happened until the last 15% - 10%. If you like a thriller where all the pieces are slowly fed to you and it makes sense at the end you'll like this but if like me you want to be gripped from the first chapter maybe give this a miss.


It Happened One Summer - Tessa Bailey


If you are on bookstagram or booktok you will have seen this by now - it's everywhere at the minute! This looks falls into the 'LA socialite is sent a small town to learn life lessons' trope, it's a fun, easy-to-read summer book but it's not groundbreaking or anything new. It's also 100% NSFW so you've been warned!


Love, Loss and Little White Lies - India Rigg


This book follows Milly as she grieves for her husband who died of terminal cancer aged 27. It goes without saying that grief is a main character in this book, however, I still wasn't prepared for it. That being said there are a lot of funny and uplifting moments weaved throughout the narrative! I enjoyed it but definitely proceed with caution if you're in the midst of grieving - I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this a few years ago whilst I was dealing with the raw emotions explored in the book.


Fifty Fifty - Seve Cavanagh


Now, this was a gripping thriller - I couldn't put it down. It was so cleverly written you won't be able to guess the ending, I kept swapping and changing my mind throughout! It is a part of a series but doesn't let that put you off as I started with this one a didn't feel like I'd missed anything, I do however now want to read all of the others in this series!


The Girls are Good - Ilaria Bernardini


This was so interesting! The author spent a lot of time with the Italian gymnastics team whilst they created a TV show and this (fictional) book was inspired by her experiences! This adds so much colour and depth to the characters and their situations - it felt like watching a TV show. It's dark and definitely character-based, the only thing that I was confused about is the fact it's being released in August - this is an ideal autumn/winter thriller.


Beautiful World Where Are You - Sally Rooney


Sorry, Sally Rooney super fans but this is the book I didn't finish. When I got to five hours left on the audiobook and had no idea what had happened in the other 10 I knew it was time to give up. I tried, I really did but it wasn't for me.


After Paris - Nicole Kennedy


This is a gorgeous portrait of female friendships and modern life. The story follows three friends who always meet up in Paris for a girl's weekend only by the end of the weekend they all return home on separate Eurostars without saying a word to each other. Each of the characters and their lives is equally explored giving an in-depth look at their personalities and why they behave how they do. It was glorious and one I'll be gifting to my friends! Plus it's set in Paris so be warned you'll be googling trips by the end of it!


Double Booked - Lily Lindon


This was our book club pick for July and I really enjoyed it. The book club members were completely split with half of us loving it and the other half not enjoying it. I will say that it's very character driven - the main character Gina drives the narrative as she figures out who she is. The premise of the book is based on Gina leading a double life one half of her life is spent as Gina who is in a seven-year relationship with her boyfriend Doug and the other half is spent as George who is exploring the possibility that she could be bisexual. As I said, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it!

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