Refreshing the house for Autumn

Refreshing the house for Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, it was summer up until a few years ago and now I am all about those cosy months leading up to Christmas! I particularly love making the house feel extra cosy, during the summer months I prefer a minimalist design but as soon as September rolls around I want all of the cosy, autumnal accessories.


Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly swapping everything over and documenting them for this post!



Bring the outside in

I love being outside over summer, there's nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the garden on a warm summer's morning. So as the cold, dark mornings creep in I like to bring the outside in. This year I've added two (real) plants to my house, one in my office and one in the living room. I am notoriously bad at keeping plants alive so Oxy Plants kindly sent me two Unkillable Plants (although it was touch and go during the heatwave earlier in the year). I love that there are actual plants in my home now and true to what Oxy claim they seem pretty unkillable!


I have a Chinese Evergreen and a Jade Plant. Although please note they are toxic to dogs so they are kept away from Betty!


It's all about lighting


Although I love autumn I could do without the dark days, I noticed differences early as last month this year and although it happens at the same time every year I swear this year felt earlier! To help with this I have both a Philips Hue Gradient Signe Table Lamp (Oak) and Wiz Mobile Portable Lamp.

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