Welcome to The Breakfast Book Club!

Welcome to The Breakfast Book Club!


Welcome to thebreakfastbookclub.co.uk! At the beginning of 2021 I set myself a few book related goals and setting up this blog was one of them! Don't get me wrong I love bookstagram and I'll still be posting over there as normal but I wanted a place to share longer content, reviews and recipes! There'll also be interviews and lifestyle posts as well as the usual book content you expect!

I wanted to launch this in April because of two reasons - one I've handed my dissertation in so I actually have time to write about things other than virtual events (that was my dissertation topic btw!). And two, April is my birthday month and therefore the best month!

That'll from me today but my posting schedule will be 8:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday - fingers crossed! So I'll be back on Wednesday!

Oh - don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter! It will be monthly so you won't be bombarded with spam, it'll be all things books with some news/breakfast/TV recommendations thrown in - a real mixed bag! I can't wait for the first one to go out this later this month!

[orignally posted Apr 5, 2021]

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